Power Trac inside any Mobile

بناءا على طلب بعض الاعضاء فى الفيس بوك لترجمه الموضوع الى اللغه الانجليزيه 

سوف اعرض الموضوع مترجم ولكن عذرا ان كانت الترجمه بها بعض الاخطاء اللغويه 

وسوف ابدأ بأسم ربى العلى الاعظم

   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Based on the request of some members of the Facebook to translate into English Version 

Will introduce the subject and interpreter Sorry but that translation was by some linguistic errors 

I will never name Alaah Ali Azam 

I will explain a simplified circle inside Power Mobile 

It will begin by the name of my Lord Almighty 

There are three of types of volts inside any Mobile 

1 volt comes out automatically by simply placing the device battery

2-volt comes out once a key is pressed Alpaor "This is what we're talking about will, God willing," 

3-volt come out as soon as the function so as to save energy within the mobile to the largest possible time 

The following picture of Elementary, which will be the explanation, and I hope that the information brought simplest form

When you put the battery voltage is supplied to power ic and charging ic in that one

And it works  power ic to get the Volt is similar to the Volt battery voltage comes out of this path down power ic
The so-called power on x

Up until Power key 

When a power key is pressed  this dump voltage grounded
It occurs voltage felt by power ic by Riglitor within ic
And power ic is produced  volts different
Including the Volt called VR1
Which have values ​​ranging from 2.5 voltage: 2.8 V
Which is moving to wards Power Cristale  
At the same time produces Power ic  interchangeably with Charging ic special signals processor to work on poems and wakes up Power  process  
These are called the signals very important


When receiving Power Cristale voltage named VR1 produces signal measured Palmly volt output can be measured on the crystal
To prove the validity of whether or not in Power function
The party out of the crystal

Receives this signal ic called signal processor, which belongs to the network area
And be a role only in the case of power
Is receiving the signal emerging from Power Cristale  
On behalf of OSC IN
And works to remove them from another point called

And you can measure the signal from the point went ESA Palmly volts to prove the validity of whether or not to ESA

The processor receives this signal and processing works and deliver them to


And containing a full programming or software for your device
And thus begin the process of liberalization of the Software

The sum of the above

The absence of a voltage on the entrances power ic and charging ic
Be damage A battery conctor

Lack of private-voltage Power switch  

Be damage A Power ic
Or Power key path  

Lack of private-voltage Power cristal  "vr1"

Be damage A Power ic
The absence of signal output, which can be measured Palmly volts on the tip out of Power Cristale  
Be damage A Power Cristale  
Or her own path

The absence of signal output, which can be measured Palmly volt point "REFOUT" special signal processor
Be damage A signal processor
Pfaultt or supplied, which are feeding him for the functioning of cost

At last you can test the validity of each of the processor and the Cmt flash own Balsovi ware through
Insert the device software to measure the suitability of whether or not
In the case of a defect in any of the two pieces
damage  be cut in the same or
Interruption of feeding them
Or non-arrival of the above-mentioned references to the processor
Which produces from Power ic interchangeably with Charging ic
The situation is the last Accounting power ic and charging ic

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